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Health, energy and beauty----Begin from KellyMore

With the continuous development of modern society and scientific civilization, material life of modern people is rich. However, the healthy status is not so optimistic; problems of physical and skin have shown up. According to the reports of authoritative department, more than 80% of people have different skin conditions. Skin cell vitality and metabolism ability have great problems; plus, the stimulating factors of air pollution and air conditioning are counted. And premature aging of the skin, dullness, loose wrinkles, dryness, stain problems abound. Being demanding modern women, how to improve the skin condition and get skin naturally healthy and radiant are their most urgent need.

Starting from the study of modern skin, Germanic KELLY MORE applies its rigorous technology and advocates grading skin care based on different skin need of natural beautifying and medical beauty healing skin. KELLY MORE takes advantage of gem energy therapy, extracting the mineral energy from the world’s most precious gems. The mineral beautifying energy in gem can vitalize the skin and has great help to the body; for example, magnesium can improve pressure resistance of body function, and combine it with vitamin E that greatly increases the anti-ageing energy of vitamin E. In addition, the manganese and copper in malachite are with anti-free radical function which has been widely applied, and it also can improve skin moisturizing ability. And the meeting of silicon and zinc in smithsonite can promote the regeneration of skin cells. These trace elements can not only act as soldiers rushed in front of attack, but also be the helmsmen leading the product effect to the best. Let the rare gem become fashion favorite of skin care. Combining natural plant extracts, it promotes skin cell vitality and metabolism, provides skin with positive energy, improves skin blood circulation, and endows skin with healthy splendor.


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